Marine Electronics Installs

Across a variety of vessels from Leisure Boats and Dinghys to Yachts and Container Ships. No job is too big or too small. Our team shares over 40 years working within the Marine Industry and are well resourced to tackle any kind of Marine Electronic assignment.

Remote Location

In the most remote areas and harshest environments land or sea, the team at Melbourne Marine Electronics are the experts in Electronic installs. Working with industries located in extreme locations, our expertise cover Mining Geotechnical installations as well as remote area telemetry. We able to supply, install and maintain electronic instrumentation , control and monitoring systems in the most hostile of environments

Electronics for remote locations
Industrial Electronics Melbourne

Factory & Industry Electronics

As Melbourne’s more prominent specialists in Electronics Design, we are able to provide highly customised, low volume solutions. Whether located in Metro areas or remote locations, we develop custom Microprocessors, with one off instrumentation, suitable for Factory Automations / Integrations. As experts in PLC & SCADA programming, we are able to create unique electronic solutions for any situation.

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