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Introducing SEA.AI, a groundbreaking system revolutionizing maritime safety by using Machine Vision to automatically identify various floating objects and hazards at sea. This cutting-edge solution utilizes inputs from lowlight and thermal cameras, integrating artificial intelligence, deep learning algorithms, and a vast database of annotated marine objects to develop a comprehensive digital understanding of the vessel’s surroundings.

SEA.AI fills the gaps of Radar and AIS by detecting and alerting users to hazards that often go
unnoticed. This includes critical situations like people overboard, rafts, boats without AIS, as well as
floating obstacles like tree trunks, containers, and buoys, among others.

Access the system seamlessly through a range of devices, including chart plotters, onboard
computers, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring flexibility and convenience for users. The user
interface provides an array of viewing modes, allowing user to choose between a map view, a low
light augmented reality view, or a thermal augmented reality view. These options provide dynamic
and immersive displays of the vessel’s surroundings, enhancing situational awareness and offering
tailored perspectives to suit users’ preferences.


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