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Contact us to discuss your design requirements – ranging from special purpose modules through to complex data acquisition systems. We have extensive experience with older technologies and understand what it takes to get disparate systems working together.

Some of our projects…….

Arduino Protocol Converter

protocol converter for modern printer

Arduino based protocol converter to work with a modern printer connected to an ancient PLC based alerting system. The PLC program was burnt into ROM by a company that no longer existed, and it could not be modified.

The protocol converter intercepted the stream of printer data coming from the old PLC, and substituted control codes and formatting that was more suitable for the modern printer.

The irony is that the protocol converter is less expensive than the original PLC, but has more CPU power and memory.

Train Clock

When Bombardier wanted to upgrade their train recorder system in the Sprinter and N-Class loco, they found that the old, original clock was no longer compatible with the new system. We designed a clock (in conjunction with Rom Control) that appeared the same as the original, but under the hood has a NTP client to synchronise time with the trains GPS, and a battery backup to maintain the time in the absence of the a GPS source.

The second iteration of the clock (shown) added a fallback to an alternate display of the trains speed. This allows a redundant display in the event of a failure of the primary speed display.

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